Programming Samples

A place to store all my programming samples

Loki’s Challenge – Pyro Sound System for Abode Flash

This sample is a simple sound engine for Abode Flash. With it, you can perform basic sound manipulation, such as fading in a sound and fading out a sound. By default it can play up to 32 sound channels, but this can be modified as needed. All you need for this to work is a Timer as some of the functions have to be called each frame. You can make a custom timer and then import it into the code.

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Sudoku Solver – Westwood College Assignment

This is a program I made that can solve any Sudoku puzzle and output the results to the screen.

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Fox and Hounds AI Sample – Westwood College Assignment

This .NET AI sample shows how I modified the Fox and Hounds game so that the fox knows the next hounds’ move in order to beat the game. Check out the Readme.txt file for more information.

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Ball Bounce and Return Algorithm – Westwood College Final Project

This console application will allow you to set up the initial ball’s x and y coordinates on a grid and the ball’s initial direction. Once the program begins, the ball will start on it’s path. After the ball hits a wall, it will bounce off in the opposite direction. Once it hits another wall, it will retrace it’s steps until it reaches it’s initial position. You can download the entire source code below.

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