Programming Projects

Here is where you will find all the programming projects I have worked on or are working on currently.

Loki’s Challenge – Westwood College collaboration (2011)

In this project, I worked on making a sound system that had multiple channels that could play at the same time. In the code, you could set the maximum number of channels. You can also play sounds that Fade In when they are played. In addition, this system allows random sounds to be played at certain times so you can have ambiance to your scene. You can find the code for this system in my code samples page. This code may be updated at a later date.

Z Adventure – A Delinquent Games’ Production (2013 – …)

Currently, I am working with Delinquent Games as the lead programmer for Z Adventure, a shooter/chase game that is inspired by temple run. This game is targetted for the Android, iOS, and Facebook platforms. Other platforms will be considered based on the popularity of the game.

BreakTime! – Made by this programmer (2008 – …)

This is a mod for World of Warcraft that will output a message to the chat box and/or screen to let you know it’s time to take a break. It is completely written in LUA.

OmegaBox – Made by Robbie Carrington Jr. (2013 – …)

This is a personal project that I am working on when I have the time. It is a music player that uses the .NET library, NAudio, and Taglib Sharp to play music. It will be available on both the Windows and Linux platforms. More information coming soon when it’s done. 🙂