Too Long!

It’s been too long, but things have been hectic to say the least. New job, twitch streaming, and game programming takes a lot of time. Somehow, someway, Omegabox is still being worked out and soon will have a release date! So, be sure to stay tuned for that update. Anyway, check out my Twitch channel @ for some gameplay coverage on games that I am interested in. See ya next time!

A Whole Year!

Hey cyberspace. It’s me again, your friendly unknown programmer of the fallout wastes. It’s the holidays, so I want to wish everyone good times being together and hopefully no one talks about politics because no one got time for that. Anyway, I moved to a new host and it took a while to get stuff back and running due to time and unforeseen events. Basically, I’m back, so expect to see more stuff on here as time goes on. I just got a PocketCHIP this year and I plan on making some games for it. I can’t more than that now though or “they” will get me. “They” being the aliens that are invisible to everyone, except for Al Gore because he sees all. Bad jokes aside, it’s time to close this post and with it, a friendly reminder that no joke is a bad joke unless a programmer made it. Ba-Da Toosh. Till next time, stay fluent in seven programming languages!

Wow it’s been a while…

Hey guys. Been a while since I did a blog post. xD Been super busy with work and other projects. When you combine that with my abscent mindness you get a blog that’s hasn’t been updated in six months. Anyway, Z Adventure is getting closer to a release, but there was some setbacks. Stay tuned to our facebook page ( for more information on when it’ll be released! Anyway, in that other project I am doing, Omegabox, there are going to be some major changes to it. I’m moving away from Naudio and instead, I am going to use portaudio for the audio engine. The actual audio engine will be written in C++ while the GUI will be written in C#. I’ll still Sharp lib for reading and writting audio tags, but I will use the C++ version of it instead. I have no idea will it will be released, but stay tuned to my blog for more details. When it gets close enough to be a 1.0 release, then I’ll let you guys know. Still more in other news, in the next month or so I will start using twitch for streaming games and using youtube for gameplay related videos as long as I am not too busy. I have planning on doing it for a while, but I haven’t had much time to actually setup and start. So, next month, time permitting, you’ll get to see me live/prerecorded while I play games. Should be quite interesting.

That’s all for now. See you in the next blog post (which hopefully won’t be a year from now xD) and game on!

OmegaBox and my other Projects

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted here. Either case, my other company that I work for, Delinquent Games, is hard at work on two game titles. The first one is called “Revolution Earth.” This going to be an RPG cyberpunk game where your choices will have a lasting effect on the environment. There is some awesome concept art on our site that has been created by our artists for the game. The second title is going to be “Z Adventure.” This is going to be a mobile game in the genre of a shooter/chaser game, which is a rare genre. I mainly work as the lead programmer for this project. At this time, we’re planning on Q2 2015 release and currently the progress is going well on it. So, be sure to keep an eye out for that game when it comes out. So, any bugs you find in the release version, you can blame them on me. 😛

That’s not the only news I have though — OmegaBox will soon be released in it’s first beta stage. OmegaBox is one of the first 64-bit music players written in .NET (it might even be the first). Since this is a beta version, expect it to be rough around the edges and I can’t be responsible if it blows up your PC or causes it burn in flames (but it shouldn’t 🙂 ). Since it uses NAudio as it’s audio library, it will have all of the features of that library eventually. At the moment, it can output via WASAPI, WaveOut, or Directsound and it can play AAC, MP3, WMA, and WAVE files. To play AAC files, you will need at least a Windows 7 PC due to the fact that NAudio uses the Media Foundation API and Windows 7 added support for AAC to this API. The release should happen within the next month if everything goes well. So, stay tuned for that.

That should cover everything. So, until next time, stay sharp and game on!


Welcome to my site! Since this is the first blog post, let me introduce you to my programming samples which you can find on the menu to the right. In it, you can find a working sound system for Flash, a Sudoku solver, and a Fox and Hounds AI sample program. Later on, I’ll be posting useful information, such as how to build a simple game in a certain engine, show how to make an RPG system, or anything else that I might consider to be useful for you to read. So, until then, enjoy the site and I hope you find it useful. 🙂