A Whole Year!

Hey cyberspace. It’s me again, your friendly unknown programmer of the fallout wastes. It’s the holidays, so I want to wish everyone good times being together and hopefully no one talks about politics because no one got time for that. Anyway, I moved to a new host and it took a while to get stuff back and running due to time and unforeseen events. Basically, I’m back, so expect to see more stuff on here as time goes on. I just got a PocketCHIP this year and I plan on making some games for it. I can’t more than that now though or “they” will get me. “They” being the aliens that are invisible to everyone, except for Al Gore because he sees all. Bad jokes aside, it’s time to close this post and with it, a friendly reminder that no joke is a bad joke unless a programmer made it. Ba-Da Toosh. Till next time, stay fluent in seven programming languages!

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